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Our Story

Small, Self-Sufficient, Sustainable

Badger+Bunny’s mission is to promote a small, sustainable, and self-sufficient business and lifestyle. Our goal is to create a space for self-care and beauty without having to fork over luxury prices, because we at Badger+Bunny believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to feel luxurious.  


We started with a passion for fragrances and a desire for knowledge, which are both vital parts of our products today. The desire for knowledge about ingredients and processes that formulate scents expanded our understanding of the chemistry behind beauty.  Over time and after plenty of experimenting, we realized that our mission of living a small, sustainable, and self-sufficient life could apply to our goal of affordable, and luxurious beauty.

Our company by nature is small, with only a handful of employees.  We aim for longevity instead of growth by offering high-quality, luxurious, and fairly priced products in conjunction with excellent customer service. 


At Badger+Bunny, we chose to pursue handmade goods because we like to know what’s in our beauty products for our family’s health, and the health of the planet.  Sustainability means we are able to utilize our knowledge to produce luxurious goods into the future.  We work to source ingredients responsibly, ethically and as much as possible locally, to minimize our global impact and support small producers.  We also use high quality ingredients that are safe for the skin, and won’t linger in the waterways. 


We support local vendors and strive to distance our reliance on larger corporations for sourcing or selling our products.  Badger+Bunny’s move towards self-sufficiency means less middle-men and more direct-to-customer interaction, so we can deliver a luxuriously unique experience at a fair value.  


We hope you enjoy our unique and handmade goods as Badger+Bunny continues to bring luxurious beauty into your life.

Badger+Bunny is owned and operated by husbands Ian and Brandon Aiken-Neuhaus, who celebrate their 17th anniversary together this fall.  They live in Seattle, WA with their 2 dogs, Braxton and Rufus, and their cat, Tiki Monster. 

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